Book 1

When God was alone

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Book 2

When the first man and woman came

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Book 3

In the enchanted garden

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Book 4

When the purple waters came again

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Book 5

In the land of the Great white castle

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Book 6

When the laughing boy was born

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Book 7

How tricky Jacob was tricked

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Book 8

When Jacob buried his treasure

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Book 9

When God told us God

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Book 10

Is that God at the door?

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Book 11

In the middle of a wild chase

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Book 12

This old man called Moses

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Book 02 - When the first man and woman came

A long, long time ago on a very sunny day
God sat on the ground and looked at all God made.
For a long, long time God looked and looked.

God looked at the ants, and God looked at the snails,
and the clumsy kangaroos who have very funny tails,
and the purple fish, and the old black crows,
and the camel with a hump,
and the happy hippopotamus who has very muddy feet
that make a funny sound like

God sat on the ground for a long long time.
God frowned and looked and looked a frowned,
for God could not find someone to laugh and talk with
to sing and play and walk with
and tell the real good story that God really wanted to tell.
God listened to the waters that were green and blue and purple
but they couldn’t say a thing except
And that’s a funny thing to say, now isn’t it? Yes!

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