Book 1

When God was alone

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Book 2

When the first man and woman came

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Book 3

In the enchanted garden

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Book 4

When the purple waters came again

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Book 5

In the land of the Great white castle

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Book 6

When the laughing boy was born

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Book 7

How tricky Jacob was tricked

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Book 8

When Jacob buried his treasure

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Book 9

When God told us God

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Book 10

Is that God at the door?

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Book 11

In the middle of a wild chase

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Book 12

This old man called Moses

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Book 05 - In the land of the Great white castle

When Noah died his children cried, and his grandchildren cried.
Everybody cried. But not for very long! For they couldn’t help laughing
at the wild story Noah told about the very purple waters
that covered the land when God split the world in two.
They thought it wasn’t true?
Do you? Yes!

But when Noah was dead the people were bored.
They yawned and they sneered. They laughed and they snored:
Ha! Ha! Honk! Honk!

They lived in a land called Babylon, a land of tall white castles
and beautiful golden temples. They built those shining temples
for all their goofy gods that looked like bulls or snakes or great big ugly frogs.

Then the people held a meeting for they were very sassy,
very bad and very very bored. Some people said: ‘Good heavens!’
And some people said: ‘Good Lord! It’s time that we were famous.
Why shouldn’t people honour us if they honour nutty Noah?
He’s only a goofy old goat who built a funny old boat and turned it into a zoo.’

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