Book 1

When God was alone

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Book 2

When the first man and woman came

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Book 3

In the enchanted garden

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Book 4

When the purple waters came again

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Book 5

In the land of the Great white castle

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Book 6

When the laughing boy was born

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Book 7

How tricky Jacob was tricked

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Book 8

When Jacob buried his treasure

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Book 9

When God told us God

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Book 10

Is that God at the door?

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Book 11

In the middle of a wild chase

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Book 12

This old man called Moses

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Book 10 - Is that God at the door?

A long, long time ago in the cruel land of Egypt,
the children of God were very sad. They had no time to laugh
and they had no time to play. The king of Egypt made them work as slaves
to make mud bricks with straw all day.
And that was very cruel, wasn’t it? Yes!

The people of God said, ‘Where is God?
God must have run away. Why doesn’t God save us all and take us home today?
But Moses said, ‘OK. OK. Just wait a minute now.
The next important piece of God’s purple puzzle plan
is to get you out of here and take you all back home.’
Again the people laughed. ‘Moses, you’ll never do a thing
with that silly old stick you’re waving around as if you were a king.’

So Moses said, ‘Let’s have a snake!’ Then, all of a sudden, just like that,
Moses stick became a snake, fierce and long and fat.
Then more snakes came. They squiggled and hissed
a loud and hideous roaring hiss: TSSSSSSSAAAAARRRRRRRRRR

The people of Egypt were very scared, for the snakes were really a plague!
So the king of Egypt shouted to Moses and his people:
‘Out! Out! I’ve had enough of you.’

But he didn’t really mean it for his heart was very tough.
So when the snakes disappeared he said, ‘You cannot go.
You’re snakes are just a trick.’ Then all God’s people grumbled,
‘Boo! Moses Boo! You’re tricks will never do!’

So Moses said, ‘Let’s have some frogs.’ Then all of a sudden, just like that,
Moses waved his stick and the land was full of frogs,
They jumped up on the table and into people’s soup.
They jumped and flopped and croaked and flopped
and simply never stopped croaking GAW GAW GAW GAW GAW!

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